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Euro CTF Doom League Info

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PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 11:27 pm    Post subject: Euro CTF Doom League Info Reply with quote

League Overview & Rules:

Quick insight:

Teams will play an opponent randomly determined by a schedule, every week. One game consist of two matches on the weekly map that is played (3 in case of tie) and by the end of week #10 every team has faced each other twice in two different maps.

Every game has to be played on the specific week. If not, it has to happen as soon as possible - TRY to arrange things and not violate this.

Every player must record the game, remind teammates before you play.


Settled by points, semifinals will be arranged this way: 1st versus 4th, 2nd versus 3rd.

In case of teams having same amount of points, their position will be decided by flag ratio. If this ties aswell, a mutual match have to be played.


Classically, the two winners face each other and fights for the league win. sexy. Cool

Mapselection & Indeterminacy Rules for Semi/finals:

A map pool of 5 previously played league maps will be collected, and we will use a map-elimination system to settle the maps. It works like this:

Highest ranked team starts with eliminating a map from the pool.
Lowest ranked team then picks a map from the pool, and eliminates one.
Highest ranked team then picks a map.

In case of tie, the 5th map will be used as tiebreaker. If that ties aswell, a rematch will be played with flag-suddendeath on the tiebreaker map.

This map pool will be published soon.

Server Settings:

DMFlags: Standard NS
Pointlimit: 5
Timelimit: 10 minutes

Points System:

Like mentioned, in case of tie there will be played a third match on the map.

2 Map Win, 0 Loss = 3 points

1 Map Win, 1 Tie, 0 Loss = 3 points

1 Map Win, 1 Tie, 1 Loss = 1 point

3 Map Tie = 1 point

Drafting System

Captains have attached a number from 1-6 from which will determine the picking orders.

1st Round: cpt 1 - cpt 2 - cpt 3 - cpt 4 - cpt 5 - cpt 6
i.e. In the following order, captains must pick one player from the pool.

2nd Round cpt 6 - cpt 5 - cpt 4 - cpt 3 - cpt 2 - cpt 1
Order is reserved for the second round, like this the sixth captains gets two picks in a row, the sixth and seventh.

3rd Round: cpt 1 - cpt 2 - cpt 3 - cpt 4 - cpt 5 - cpt 6
Identical to 1st round.

This will make 6 teams each consisting of 4 players.

Maplist & Timeline:

This is the affixed maps for every week.

Week #1 : sctf1v_ MAP02
Week #2 : zdectfmp3 MAP19
Week #3 : zdu MAP10
Week #4 : odactf1 MAP04
Week #5 : zdectfmp MAP03
Week #6 : zdctfmp MAP27
Week #7 : ccorectfmp1a MAP01
Week #8 : zdctfmp MAP08
Week #9 : zdectfmp MAP18
Week #10 : zdctfmp MAP26
Week #11 : BREAK
Week #12 : Semifinals
Week #13 : Grandfinal

Screenshots can be seen below.



    Fluffles - [HnH] Hook Nosed Hermits
    Gvozdevik - team name ...
    Ronald - team name ...
    Jarin_cz - team name ...
    Devisin - team name ...
    turSKA - team name ...

Available Players Pool;


Reserve Pool:

Players that has signed up without getting picked will be able to stand reserve for any team, if necessary.
It's unlikely atm as we have 24 players / 6 teams, but in case of further signups BEFORE the draft.

contact admins on #euro or #zect @ irc.zdaemon.org

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 02, 2011 2:03 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Maplist Screenshots

Week #1 - SmartCTF map02 (sctf1v_.wad)

Week #2 - ZDECTF Map19 (zdectfmp3.wad)

Week #3 - ZDU Map10 (uctf.wad)

Week #4 - OdaCTF Map04 (odactf1.wad)

Week #5 - ZDECTF Map03 (zdectfmp3.wad)

Week #6 - ZDCTF Map27 (zdctfmp3-.wad)

Week #7 - ChaosCore Map01 (ccorectfmp1a.wad)

Week #8 - ZDCTF Map08 (zdctfmp.wad)

Week #9 - ZDECTF Map18 (zdectfmp3.wad)

Week #10 - ZDCTF Map26 (zdctfmp3-.wad)
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